As you may have noticed, I have removed all bueaucrat rights on this wikia. Sorry about that.

Check out the Encountage rights page. Can you see the problem? There are constant promotions, demotions, and changes. Rights are doled out, removed, and then reinstated. Inevitably, someone uses Special:Contact because of it, and staff has to get involved.

This has gotta stop, so I'm putting a stop to it. Here's the deal going forward: Encountage wikia is going to have exactly two bureaucrats. They're going to remain as inactive as possible. They'll be chosen by a vote, and each admin - Auditor9, IAmDefalt, HypercaneTeen, Heroesyatta, MCGPY, and Legacyofhades - will be allowed two votes. You may not vote for yourself.

Once the bureaucrats chosen, they're not to be changed, and you'll need to follow Wikia policy for additions and removals from now on. That means voting threads. Additions and removals must be part of a community decision. 

If this continues, I'll have no choice but to permanently remove bureaucrat rights from this wikia, and requests to Special:Contact will go unresponded-to. Encountage wikia needs to keep its own house in order from this point forward.

If you are an admin, leave a message on my Message Wall with your two non-self picks for bureaucrat. Everyone else, feel free to ask questions in the comments section.

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